No Public Route for Queer Revolution's Pride Parade?

The Pride Parade is this Sunday, June 28th from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the evening. After all the difficulties we had to deal with to get the parade accepted in the first place, I just want to send out one more congratulatory message to all of the organizers of pride this year who made sure the Pride Parade could take place.

The KQF website has basic English information on the pride parade, but I realized that their Korean website is much more detailed. I saw some questions on Facebook asking for more details on the route of the parade, so here I am writing this post.

First off, the parade will be taking place in Seoul Plaza. There will be a large contingency of homophobic Christian groups protesting the parade, so if you want to avoid their hullabaloo use exit 6 of City Hall Station. Starting at 11 in the morning, you can enjoy the various LGBTQIA booths, talk to activists, and obviously just hang out. The parade is probably going to start around 5 or 6.

As for the route... from the Korean version of their official website:

Every year, we have posted here the route of our parade, but not this year. That's because by placing it here the information can be used to block our route by those against us. We will walk along a road of love and justice. This road will never be blocked by hatred and homophobia. The day of the parade, we will go where we can go. You can find out the route when you come on the 28th! 

So, there you go. Less details then previous years, but all to make sure that we can have a fantastic parade! Hope to see you there.