May 23-25, 2015: Castle Braai CampDuring the Buddha’s birthday...

May 23-25, 2015: Castle Braai Camp

During the Buddha’s birthday holiday three-day weekend, we joined a large group of folks to a pension at the base of Jirisan for a Braai Camp. This pension was a large cabin with a dozen rooms where most of us slept on the floor.

The good people at Braai Republic and Tobias at The Hidden Cellar organized this braai (Afrikaans for “grill/barbecue”), which included organized buses from Seoul and Busan, delicious food, and good music. 

There was plenty to do (e.g. play games and drink) and we were far from anyone who would be bothered by the noise. A small creek was nearby to take a dip in the water, too.

Everyone seemed to bring a bit of South Africa to Korea to that trip, and I felt like I was somewhere else. It was such a new, fun experience. I learned a lot about their country and culture, something I had not previously put much thought into. 


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