Makin’ some Ceramics



My school’s art teacher and I decided to take a ceramics class a few months ago. She’s like my bff at school. This woman is in her 50′s but is unmarried, which is obviously uncommon in Korea. She is so cool though, we talk about all sorts of things, and so it was fun to share this experience with her. 

One thing about ceramics … it’s de-stressing. Seriously. I would leave work, tense or with a headache from the day filled with screaming girls, and after half an hour of focusing on just molding the clay … everything just stopped. Time and worries ceased to exist and for a moment I could breathe without thinking too much. One of my nuisances haha. 

Unfortunately, making ceramics is a bit expensive. So I could only take it for some time. But during that time I got to make a chess set for my dad which became the world to me. Ya know how it’s always hard buying presents for guys?? Every single event, whether it’s a birthday or Father’s day, I think…”what the heck do I get him now??” He is not the golf playing tie-wearing guy Hallmark tells me fathers are. So I have to get creative. 

I love this chess set … it’s not perfect, the heat caused the middle to sink, and some pieces are off-colored, but it’s my chess set I made for someone special. And you know it’s something special when it takes so much to just get it to him. With the weight it was utterly impossible to send it by mail. I was hoping on having Jenn bringing it back and mailing it from Cali when she visited in November, but alas even though I dragged it to Seoul it wouldn’t fit and thus had to be dragged back to Daegu. Thankfully my friend went to the States recently and was kind enough to lug it along and bring the chess set home. Thank you friend!

My father loved it, and proudly told me he’s displaying it in the living room. It made me day like you wouldn’t believe it.