Korean Snacks: 8 You Must Try!

What does watching a movie, waiting for a dinner reservation, and studying the Korean language have in common? All three activities become way more enjoyable when you incorporate snacks into the mix!

Snacks are one of the essential pleasures of life, and as you’re studying the Korea language and learning more about Korean culture I’m sure you’re wondering what Korea has to offer the snack world.

Korean snacks are like nothing you’ve experienced before – Koreans take snacking very seriously, and have come up with some of the tastiest treats under the sun. Read on for a list of Korean snacks you have to try immediately, and try not to get too hungry as you’re reading!


Korean Snack #1: Korean Sweet Cakes (찹쌀약과)


Photo credit: http://bukalapak.com

As I’m sure you’re aware, all of the most delicious snacks in life are full of some form of sugar, flour, or oil. We’re excited to inform you that Korean sweet cakes are full of all three of those delicious ingredients!

Light and flaky in texture, Korean sweet cakes are a great alternative to traditional cookies and candies if you’re in the mood for something quick and sweet. They’re also an extremely affordable dessert option, and you can find them pretty much anywhere. Pick up a pack of these sweet cakes the next time you need to get your blood sugar up while you’re on the go! You won’t be disappointed.

You would like these if you like: vanilla wafers


Korean Snack #2: Azuki Bean Rice Ball Snacks (injulmi rice ball)

Are you a fan of Cheetos? Yeah, we thought so. Azuki Bean rice ball snacks are a quintessentially Korean alternative to Cheetos puffs – light, fluffy, and full of crunch, these snacks are full of flavor and are hard to stop eating. Rather than the salty, cheesy flavor of Cheetos, however, these puffs are slightly sweet and have a unique flavor reminiscent of peanut butter. Give these a try you need a snack that will give you a satisfying crunch and a ton of flavor.

You would like these if you like: those peanut butter crunch cookies by Keebler you ate as a kid


Korean Snack #3: Kkokkalcorn (꼬깔콘)

Remember bugles, the delicious cone-shaped snacks that are best eaten after you put one on each finger and pretending they’re really claws? You’re in for a treat! Koreans have their very own cone-shaped corn snack called kkokkalcorn, and they are just as satisfying (and fun) as bugles. Pick up a bag the next time you need some help procrastinating, load up your fingers, and have some fun while snacking!

You would like these if you like: bugles, distractions, being silly


Korean Snack #4: Pepero (빼빼로)

Have you ever loved a snack so much that you thought it deserved its own holiday? Well, that’s how Koreans feel about Pepero, because it DOES have its own holiday. These delicious chocolate-covered sticks are a Korean favorite, and rightfully so. There are tons of varieties incorporating milk chocolate, white chocolate, sprinkles, peanut butter – what more could you possibly ask for in a snack? Give Pepero a try the next time you’re in the mood for an easy-to eat dessert and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

You would like these if you like: anything dipped in chocolate


Korean Snack #5: Chocolate Corns

We’ve got another option for the Cheetos lovers reading this post – Korean chocolate corns are pretty much a chocolate version of traditional cheese puffs. Sweeter than the Azuki Bean rice ball snacks above, these corn puffs are perfect for chocolate lovers who won’t settle for anything less than true indulgence. Pair these up with some Pepero for an unbeatable chocolate feast!

You would like these if you like: anything and everything chocolate


Korean Snack #6: Lotte’s Kancho Choco Biscuits

These light and flaky chocolate-filled cookies are a dream come true for any dessert lover. There’s just a hint of milk chocolate inside so they’re not super rich, and they’re tiny enough that you can pop one (or six…) in your mouth and eat them on the go.

They also have adorable pictures printed on each individual cookie, so this snack serves as a great pick me up if you’re stress eating and need to cheer yourself up. Pick up a box the next time you’re in the mood for a dessert that is quick, easy, and is guaranteed to make you smile.

You would like these if you like: Milano sandwich cookies, happiness


Korean Snack #7: Dried Squid

Korean Snacks 7 Dried Squid

Photo credit: http://diytrade.com

Alright, hear me out. Dried squid as a snack? I know it probably sounds a little outlandish, but this delicious seafood snack is similar to beef jerky in texture and is utterly delicious if you enjoy squid in its other variations. Like beef jerky, the texture takes a little getting used to, but this snack is perfect if you want to munch on something salty but need something more substantial (and full of protein) than chips and rice snacks. Take a walk on the wild side and pick up some dried squid – you’ll be converted after your first bite!

You would like this if you like: calamari, beef jerky


Korean Snack #8: Honey Butter Chips (허니버터칩)

Honey butter chips have taken Korean by storm: since their release, the chips have been sold out nearly everywhere, and when they’re in stock people buy them by the box to make sure they don’t run out right away!

If you do happen to stumble upon a bag of honey butter chips in the wild, be sure to snatch them up – these chips are insanely delicious, and popular enough that celebrities have exclusive bags sent directly to them to advertise and post selfies with. Let the hunt begin!

You would like these if you like: we don’t even know, because we haven’t been able to find a bag! Presumably, honey butter.


Do you have a favorite Korean snack that isn’t on this list? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

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