KakaoTalk: Meet the Kakao Friends at Coex Mall

Are you ready to meet some great 프렌즈 (friends)?

Well, then you should head out to Coex mall before February 28th so visit the Kakao Friends store while it’s still around!

If you aren’t familiar with KakaoTalk, it’s currently the most popular chatting application for smartphones in Korea. For those living outside of Korea, it’s a great way to connect with Koreans and keep in touch with friends who are here.

At the Kakao Friends store, you can take pictures with the KakaoTalk celebrity emoticons that everyone loves so much.

KakaoTalk Lineup:

Jay-G greets you as you walk into the store.


Jay-G performing at the store entrance

Muzi and Con are like two peas in a pod. Rarely are they apart.

Muzi & Con

Muzi & Con

Tube has a short fuse. Say the wrong thing, and he flips out.


Tube losing his temper!

Neo and Frodo fight all the time like cats and dogs. Although they have strong personalities and tease each other a lot, they usually make up.

Neo and Frodo

Neo and Frodo getting along

Apeach is buddies with Muzi and Con, and easily gets annoyed.


Apeach looks unhappy!

There have also been sightings of the Kakao Friends characters walking around the mall. Depending on what day you go, you might run into the Kakao Friends. The great part is that they all emulate the characters personality. If you ask Tube to take a picture together, he will throw a fit!

If you’re looking to experience the KakaoTalk friends, head over to the Coex Shopping Mall.

Can’t read Korean? Problem solved! You can get a free guide to learn the Korean alphabet in about 60 minutes here.

You can learn Korean on your way to meet the 카카오프렌즈 (Kakao Friends)!



10am – 10pm

서울특별시 강남구 삼성동 159

코엑스몰 지하2층 G209호

(주차장D4, D12구역인근)


If you’re coming from Samseong Subway Station, first enter the mall through the main gate on the first floor

Walk straight through the mall until you see Giordano ahead of you.

Before you get to Giordano, make a sharp right. You’ll see escalators going down towards the right.

Go down the escalators, and Kakao Friends will be on your right

Coex mall was under construction for a long time. Things have changed around, so make sure you ask around if you can’t find the place right away.

카카톡 프렌즈 잘 사귀어요!

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