It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Seoul features some wonderful places to see Christmas lights and decorations - but not all of them are where you might expect. Open up in a new window for some chiptune Christmas music while strolling through the pictures.

Located at the flower market end of the Express Bus Terminal, a few places still sell flowers - but most have switched to the more lucrative market of Christmas Stuff. Most places were still unboxing / setting things up during this visit. A few more pictures from the EBT:

It's not quite walking in a Winter Wonderland, but it's close - and indoors :)

From there it was time to head downtown. The ice skating rink in Seoul Plaza won't be up until later this month, but the tree is already up and looking good:

It looks better at night though:

Hongdae has been decorated a little bit, but this ad caught my eye:

Still not sure what 'luxury casual lingerie' is, but it's still fun to look at.

More pictures to come.

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