I hate AT&T as much as Dell!

Salsa boy knows what an internet addict I am. He set up the internet to be activated for December 14th so that when we came back from our epic road trip I would be able to happily connect. No such luck. They screwed up and said they didn't have the apartment number so they couldn't do it. It's such crap--we live in a gated community, they would have had to stop in the office anyways and the office would have given them the apartment number and key since we did a key release. Whatever, so we gave them the apartment number and they said they'd be there yesterday. I waited at home all day yesterday and of course, no freaking internet person came. Salsa boy spent about 4 hours on hold and being given the run around between last night and today. Now the soonest they can get it in is the 4th of January--nearly 3 weeks later.

Dear AT&T,
Your customer service sucks at life. They are terrible. The only reason we have you is because the only other option is Time Warner, which is apparently worse at customer service (is that possible?). I will never recommend you to anyone. Also, I hate you.

Spaz Update: Does not being able to master how to drive a manual count as a spaz update? Seriously though, I've been trying really hard lately not to trip since the last thing I need is to end up in the emergency room without health insurance. There are some stairs in my apartment building that just cry out 'cracked skull' to me. I approach them with extreme caution.