Hurshimchung / Heosimcheong Hot Springs Spa (허심청) is a popular...

Hurshimchung / Heosimcheong Hot Springs Spa (허심청) is a popular jjimjilbang (찜질방) in Busan. They are best described as large, gender-segregated public bathhouses. It’s the self-proclaimed “best spa in the world.” I wouldn’t say that it’s the best, because Spaland in Busan and Spa World in Osaka are my favorites, so far. Hurshimchung also says it’s the largest spa fed by a natural hot spring in Asia, which I believe to pretty likely.

The popular complex, which also calls itself the Grand Hot Spring, also includes a full hotel, an eccentric brewery on the bottom floor, and a really good bakery.

After the long walk from the subway station, enter the lobby and go up the escalator. You’ll collect a key that you can purchase all items in the spa with, and then pay after you leave. On weekends, it’s 10,000₩ to enter the bath area (no clothes or towels allowed!). They’ll charge you another 2,000₩ inside if you want pajamas to wear so you can sweat in the coed areas.

It’s not open 24-hours, so you aren’t able to sleep here overnight. Don’t forget to hit up the bakery on the first floor on your way out. I don’t like to leave without a 5,000₩ piece of cake to take home.

Hours: 05:30am - 12:00am, Last admission is at 11:30pm

Address: 부산시 동래구 온천동 137-7
Busan, Dongnae-gu, Oncheon-dong 137-7

Directions: Take the Busan subway to the Oncheonjang subway station on line 1. Take exit 1 to street level. Then, cross the street using the pedestrian overpass. At the traffic light, turn right, then another right at the Woori bank. Begin looking for the Hotel Nongshim on the left side of the road. Hurshimchung is behind Hotel Nongshim. Once inside the building, take the escalator up to the spa.


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