How To Say Good Night In Korean

안녕히 주무세요 (annyeonghi jumuseyo) is the standard and respected way of saying good night which means “sleep peacefully” and you can say it to your parents, teacher, and so on. 잘 자요 (jal jayo) is also the polite way to say good night which is made from 잘 (good/well) and 자요 (verb 자다- to sleep). 좋은 꿈 꿔요 (joeun kkum kkwoyo) is another word to say good night in Korean and means “have a sweet dream”. you can also use 잘 자 (Jalja) with the people who are very close to you or younger than you.

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Good Night In Korean Standard잘 자요 (Jal Jayo)|What Is Jaljayo Korean?

This is the most common standard way to say Good Night in Korean잘 자요[jal jayo] means “sleep well”. It is made of two words which are 잘 (jal)means “well” and the word 자요[jayo] comes from The Korean verb 자다 (jada) means “to sleep”. You might use this with someone of the same age but are not exactly close to you.

  • Goodnight. I miss you.

잘 자요. 보고 싶어요.

  • Sleep well. See you in my dream.

잘 자요. 꿈에서 만나요.”

  • Good night, everyone.

여러분도 잘 자요.

Good Night In Korean Informal

There are two ways to say Informal “Good Morning” in Korean in a casual way with your close friends. 

잘 자 (Jal Ja)

잘 자 (jal ja) is an informal way of saying “good night” in Korean and literally means sleep well or sleep tight. It is made up of two words i.e. 잘 (jal) means “well” and 자 is from the basic form 자다 (jada) means “to sleep”. You can typically use it with close friends or people who are younger than you.

However, if you want to say goodnight in Korean cutely to your boyfriend/girlfriend, you can say 잘 자, 내 꿈 꿔(jal ja nae kkum kkwo), which literally means good night and dream of me.

Another common cute way to say good night would be “굿나잇, which is pronounced gut-nait.” or you can simply say “굳밤” [good-bam].

좋은 꿈 꿔 (Joeun Kkum Kkwo)|What Is The Korean Word For “Sweet Dreams”?

The direct translation of sweet dream in Korean is 좋은 꿈 꿔 (joeun kkum kkwo)as 좋은 (joeun) means “good” and 꿈 꿔 means “morning”. It is an informal & sweeter way to wish good night and you can use this with your close friends or people younger than you. Formally, one would say 좋은 꿈 꾸세요 (jo·eun kkoom koo·se·yo)  literally means “have a sweet dream”.

Good Night In Korean Formal

There are three ways to say formal “Good night” in Korean with your parents, grandparents, and someone older than you.

안녕히 주무세요 (Annyeonghi Jumuseyo)

안녕히 주무세요 (annyeonghi jumuseyo) is a formal and polite way of saying good night in Korean and it means “please sleep peacefully”. 안녕히(annyeonghi) means “peacefully” and 주무세요 (jumuseyo)) means  “ “please sleep”. It is the honorific form of 자다 (jada) meaning “to sleep”. You can use this phrase with elders, your parents, and someone older than you.

Korean also use 안녕히 주무십시오(Ahnyeonghi joomoosipsioh) which is a little too formal. natives rarely say it. You can use the phrase 안녕히 주무세요 when you say it to your parents, teacher, and so on.


  • Good night, Father!

아버지 안녕히 주무세요

  • Good night everybody and I’ll see you again next month.

안녕히 가십시오, 여러분. 그리고 내달에 다시 뵙겠습니다.

편안한 밤 되세요 (Pyeonanhan Bam Doeseyo)

Another horrific and common formal way to say good night in Korean is 안녕히 편안한 밤 되세요 (pyeonanhan bam doeseyo) with meaning “peaceful night for you”. 편안한 means peacefully and 되세요the past tense of the verb 되다 means to become/have with ending -세요 makes some verbs formal. 

Good Night In Korean In Internet/Chat Slang Form:

You can use “굿밤 / 굳밤” [good-bam] to say good night in Korean to someone while chatting. Young Koreans in their teens and twenties often use 굿밤 (good bam) which is a mixture of ‘굿(good) and ‘밤(night),’. It is basically a slang way. So be sure to use it with close friends or people younger than you.

내 꿈 꿔(Nae Kkum Kkwo)| The Romantic & Cute Way To Say Good Night In Korean

내 꿈 꿔(nae kkum kkwo) is a romantic and cute way to say good night in Korean which literally means have a dream about me. This was very popular in the 1990s. 내 means My, 꿈means dream, and 꿔 means have a dream .you can use this as your boyfriend/girlfriend at the end of the phone call or email.

You’ll usually hear this phrase in Korean TV commercials and in real-life conversations, people use it to their special someone.


Great job. You finally know how to say good night in Korean.

So, once you have learned the different ways to say “good night” in Korean, and the particular scenarios that they are used for, you will be able to confidently wish someone a good night. 

Well, it’s time for you to apply it in real life and improve your pronunciation.

so go out and next time you meet a Korean speaker at the night!be sure to wish them good night.

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