How to Say ‘Crazy’ in Korean

Do you think learning how to say ‘crazy’ in Korean would be useful to you? Some might think not, as it can be considered a rude remark to make. However, upon learning how to say ‘crazy’ in Korean you will also find yourself surprised with just how many times this word is used in Korean pop songs, suddenly making it an incredibly fruitful addition to your vocabulary. Are you ready to learn how to say ‘crazy’ in Korean?


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‘Crazy’ in Korean

The word most often used for ‘crazy’ in Korean is 미쳤어 (michyeosseo). It stems from the verb 미치다 (michida) which in this context translates to ‘go crazy’ or ‘be out of one’s mind’ or, simply ‘go mad’. It’s used in the past tense. Take note that ‘crazy’ is often used in an extremely informal way, so you might want to steer away from using it around elders. 미쳤어 (michyeosseo) also means to ‘lose one’s mind’.


Sample Sentences

미쳤어? (michyeosseo?)

Are you crazy?


그 남자는 미쳤어 (geu namjaneun michyeosseo)

That boy is crazy


너 때문에 미쳤어 (neo ddaemune michyeosseo)

I’m crazy because of you


Other Related Vocabulary

You might also be wondering what are some other words with a similar meaning. Here are some expressions with which you can enhance your vocabulary.


미칠 것 같아 (michil geot gatha)

Feel like going crazy (over something)

미치겠어 (michigesseo)

About to go crazy

미쳐 갔어 (michyeo gasseo)

To go crazy

미친 듯이 (michin deushi)

Like crazy


Basically, by adding different types of conjugations to the base verb 미치다 (michida), you can come up with different expressions for ‘crazy’. Although the nuances between each expression are not that different, each one is preferable for different situations.


A Word of Caution About Romanization

We’ll usually give you the romanization of Korean words so you can get some assistance with the pronunciation when you’re first starting out. However, you’ll do yourself a huge favor if you take the time to learn the Korean alphabet (Hangul).

Learning the Korean alphabet might seem like a scary idea, with the completely new alphabet system and all, but it’s actually a very systematic and simple alphabet to grasp! With the right tools, you can learn to read Korean in about 90 minutes.


Now you should be ready to listen to Korean pop songs and recognize this word in use in the lyrics. Alternatively go out in the real world to express when you’ve gone crazy over something or joke about with your friends about things that don’t seem quite right to you. However, remember to use the word ‘crazy’ in Korean with caution!

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