Homemade Bird Feeders

It’s getting colder and I’m less inclined to spend the days outdoors, and the birds are feeling it too. Those who haven’t made the transition to warmer climates are searching out food. After coming across a dead finch on a walk yesterday, I decided to help fatten them up.

Mungmi and I went for a hike in search for pinecones. They were not as big as I hoped, but worked all the same.

Layered in peanut butter and rolled in seeds they make the yummiest bird treat, bursting with protein, energy and fat for their little bodies. I used what was handy: Linseeds, sesame seeds, flaxseed and sunflower seeds.

Tie a little string and you’re ready to go. Put them in popular bird hang-outs and smile.
It’s great if you can sit and watch them munch on the peanut butter lunch.

P.S It did occur to me that the string would not decompose naturally. I made a mental note of their location so I could go back and pick up the string once the birds finished their meal. It was also a perfect opportunity to see just how much they had eaten.

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