[HiKorea Hostel(Guest house) in Haeundae, Busan] Sharky's Bar & Grill

A Travel Journal of Hidden Famous Restaurants in Haeundae Sharky’s Bar & Grill

When you want to enjoy cold beer with friends at Haeundae! When you want to enjoy some fun games! When you want to eat plenty of appetizers! When you want to feel the carefree and exotic atmosphere! The place where you can enjoy all of these is located very near to the Haeundae beach. The Sharky’s Bar & Grill located at the 2nd floor of Paledecz is just the place.

The Paledecz are the blue twin buildings besides the Paradise Hotel, and there are many restaurants along with the Sharky’s Bar & Grill here. The Sharky’s Bar & Grill are barely recognizable from the outside so many people just pass by, but once you get to know it, it is the hidden famous restaurant of Haeundae.

Well if you step in there at first it doesn’t feel like you are in Korea. The menu and the interior are all in the American way, and 90% of the customers are foreigners. It feels like you have come on a trip overseas from the heart of Haeundae. It is not that roomy, but if you go inside there is a space for performing, seats for playing games, and tables for customers to sit down.

There are seats for playing games here. You haven’t seen any at common restaurants in Korea, right? At first, the soccer game! This was my first time to try, and it was much more thrilling and fun than expected. And at the side there is a dartboard so people can get up to play dart together. It is not awkward at all playing games before or even after the meal, so you can enjoy yourselves.

This is the menu. The prices are not too much. The food served is quite a lot so when drinking alcohol not having a meal, it is enough to order just one menu for 2~4 people. Our company were 5 people, and we ordered 4 menus for meal and everyone were stuffed until full.

Finally the menu was served! Crisply fried potato chips! We ordered it as a side menu but were surprised at the great quantity. The balance of delicious cheese and bacon was really good. The potato chips were the first menu to be served, and since everyone was starving to death we finished it in no time. Since there were so much, the 5 of us could eat the potato chips as much as we liked.

The steak! It was a soft sirloin steak, and tasting it with the sauce served with it, it was a bit sour and the beef stock coming out from the sides was just so delicious. I eat a lot of vegetable along with meat, and eating the steak with the salad served with it, it was not that greasy and the balance was quite good.

This is the big burger of the Sharky’s Bar & Grill. We ordered the burger as intended otherwise, but it was served abundantly. It is a big burger not comparable with the other common burgers being sold in Korea. Well, the thing is that, we can’t eat this burger as we eat other normal burgers. We cut it into pieces and took it with a fork, and stuffing the bread, patty, vegetables and the sauce into the mouth, our mouth got filled making our lips soar. It could have been a little greasy, but plenty of vegetables, the jalapeno and the sour sauce kept the greasy feeling balanced.

There were potato chips on both plates of the steak and the burger, so this day we ate potatoes as much as we liked. Well, we couldn’t finish the chips.

And this menu!! This is Mexican food called the Burrito. There is Spanish rice, cheese and vegetables wrapped inside a large tortilla, and with the Sharky’s Bar & Grill sauce it makes a unique taste. I like eating food wrapped in tortillas, and I think it might be good to serve them wrapped in the tortilla at first. The exotic taste that we can’t find in Korea is very impressive.

The Sharky’s Bar & Grill with delicious and abundant fooo!! All menus suite quite well with beer. The taste and quantity are appropriate compared to price, and the carefree atmosphere to enjoy noisily with many friends is the attraction of the Sharky’s Bar & Grill. Since they are exotic food, so for those who don’t like greasy food may not enjoy them so much. I like exotic food so it wasn’t a problem. I guess it is suitable food as relish for everyone.

Come visit the Sharky’s Bar & Grill which is a famous restaurant nearby the Haeundae beach with your friends!