Hanji - The Korean Medicine Cabinet Part 10

 Today in hanji class, I glued all that hanji homework I had done over the last few months to the medicine cabinet.  These were the front doors of the cabinet with the paper I had cut out glued in place.
                                  Next I had to position and glue the top piece I had cut out.
                                       These were the two sides waiting for me to glue next.
 This is a photo of the top waiting to be placed on the cabinet while I was covering the top with glue.

                                                           Here is the top finished.
                    Here is the front of the medicine cabinet.  I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
 This is a closeup of the front.  My homework from last week was placed around the opening of the center.
I got all the Chinese characters cut out and now my homework is to cut them out 1 mm from the edge.  I have class on Monday but pojagi and miniature homework plus the festival is going on so we will see it I get it all done.  I'm getting anxious to see it completed. 


Re: Hanji - The Korean Medicine Cabinet Part 10

Hi I have been following your progress with the Korean Medicine Cabinet.  I'm so envious of you having the opportunity to spend time doing Hanji.  I spent 31/2 years in korea and learnt from a Korean lady but I miss it so much.  I've started up Hanji classes here in the middle east and my friends love doing it. I love the way you've been posting the progress of your medicine cabinet and including some great pictures for detail. Where are you doing the classes and how long do you expect it to take you to finish?  Jan Coveney