Gwangwho? Gwangju!!

Would you say either of these photos is worth losing a cell phone?

Me neither.

This is how the weekend reunion began in Gwangju. The plan was to meet an old friend from my school days in Ireland and run around town for the weekend.
But then .... 20 mins into the visit, before I met up with the girl, I lost my cell phone.


Oh My God!
I don't have her number written down.

Oh My God!
If I lose her now I'll never find her in this town!

Oh My God!
Why didn't I just take the ride with the Mormons who approached me and offered a lift?

Oh My God!

I immediately jumped into the first empty cab I could find and dashed to the train station... and found the girl ... and then we doubled back AAANNNNNDDDD look who we found taking a nap in the grass.

So we shopped and ate, and drank and ate, and drank and danced in order to reward ourselves for our sleuthing skills.

Some of the classy art on display in our class motel.

It was alot of fun.
.... and then MB's bus took a wrong turn on the way to Suwon and it took her too many hours to get home.