Goodbye 2012!




  • The Daejeon Science Museum is amazing!
  • Yujin and Minseok’s birthday – our bartender friends ^_^
  • The Love Collective gave us the iconic “Bear man!”
  • The Ice Room in Seoul was memorable!
  • One of the comfort women we met in the House of Sharing


  • Matt’s birthday!
  • Again…Chumpi is a beast~
  • Crazy downtown costume dancer lol


  • My friends in the Daegu 10k
  • Our Jinhae trip
  • Our Salsa performance
  • Trying sundae AGAIN before our trip to Nami island


  • 2ne1 gave a free concert at the Yeongnam University Festival
  • Goejae island was a beautiful trip


  • Analie, Patty &  I went on a trip to Cheongseong
  • The Musical Revue show
  • Learning “Happy Birthday” in Korean class
  • My beautiful wonderful students
  • Yeonjung’s wedding
  • I graduated from my Korean class


  • Paragliding
  • Helping out at the International Children’s Games
  • Alice in Wonderland Camp
  • Date with a Teacher program
  • 2ne1 Concert!
  • The Beijing morning market


  • The Great Wall
  • Eating Scorpions outside our hostel
  • Our train ride in Taiwan
  • Whitewater rafting in Taiwan
  • Taepei
  • Oppa-ya Daegu Style” performing at the Bodypainting festival



  • Hanging out on a rooftop near downtown
  • The last few months of this year were me in a hospital for various reasons :/
  • Halloween was epic!


  • Patty left for America 
  • I got involved a lot more with a group at my church working with sex trafficking organizations
  • I voted for the first time ever!
  • The last Musical Revue show
  • Sillyness occurs 
  • Alice in America-land was a hit
  • Thanksgiving was almost just like home 
  • Donghyeon was born!


  • Filmed a trailer for a short film
  • Our Christmas party included nunchucks
  • and Jenga
  • It snowed a lot this month! 3 Fridays in a row!

And of course, as is the expat life, there were a few people to say goodbye to this year:

Friends from 2012
Friends 11