Goals by Christa Laser


I know that this may not at first appear to be a photography book but trust me, if you stay with me until the end you will see why.  Goals are important for any photographer, especially one in Korea. Why? Most are here for some other reason, you will have to set goals to accomplish what you want.  For myself, being married now and wanting to start a life here in Korea, goals are a big thing to me, especially as a photographer. The biggest thing that you have to think about is this “where am I going with my photography” Christa Laser lays out a real plan to achieve your goals and ties it in with a side of practicality. It is not often you find this type of book being so well grounded and with all of the bases covered but Christa pulls it off. She makes no promises and does write like her words will unlock some mysterious power that you always had and just never knew about. Goals is laid out with a direct purpose and one that will help you identify your goals and make a plan to achieve them… without and mystical powers.  It doesn’t give you that false sense of  ”just believe and you will be rich” as some books try to sell you. It gives you a battle plan and the ways to identify what your main goals are and how to achieve them. The great thing about this ebook is that it also gives you assignments so that you don’t just hammer through it and then forget all about it. There are assignments  that are deigned to get you started and your way. I really like the assignment and have started using them myself.

How does this book fit into photograhy?

As I stated earlier with photography, you need to push yourself and set goals not only for your shots but your career path and business as well. You may not think that where you are now could lead anywhere, but who knows? Having a goal and I direction will fuel your creativity and give your website, blog, portfolio more direction.

The thing is that if you have invested money into a decent camera and the time to learn how to use it well along with the programs to edit the photos, then you have invested a great deal into this craft. Then, we all get to that stage where we know what to do with the camera but we don’t know where to take it. That is where this book comes in handy in a way where you don’t need to meditate with scented candles to achieve success.

Who is this book really for?

This book is for the photographer like me who sometimes gets lost in what they really want out of their hobby, career, or past-time. It is for those who have got to that point and said “Now where do I go with this?”

It is also for those who know where they want to go but maybe not how to get there. It lays everything out and helps you plan out your success, realistically.  It takes you from the initial planning stages of a goal to the execution and the follow-up after. It addresses the key struggle areas like procrastination as well. This was something important to me as I deal with this daily.

You can find Goals: The Philosophy and Science of Achieving your Dreams by Christa Laser at Flatbooks.com for $9.97