Gangpul Cartoon Alley

Seoul, South Korea — If we ask about a mural village in Seoul, many would suggest and are familiar with Ihwa Mural Village in Hyehwa. But, in a quiet neighborhood of 성안 (Seong-an) in 강동구 (Gangdong) district, which literally means East of the Han River, a colorful village also exists. The 50 paintings are actually from a famous Korean webcomic artist named 강풀 (Gang Pul).

Due to time constraint, I only got to see about 20+ artworks. Enjoy my snaps:


I would want to become a fool for you.


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P1080083 P1080084 P1080085


say kimchi!


salamat din po!

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Directions: Gangdong Station (Seoul Subway Line 5) Exit 4. Go straight until Parkland then turn left on that narrow alley.