Foreign Brokered Brides Rethink Korea

A Vietnamese bride is about to marry a Korean man 20 years older than her. They met through her older sister who also married a Korean. Photo by P. DeMarco

When couples say their wedding vows, “till death do us part” is not supposed to mean you stay married until one partner kills the other. Unfortunately, this past summer a schizophrenic Korean man murdered his Vietnamese wife [not the girl in the photo above].

Apart from the ghastly murder, what sent shock waves around the world was that he met his wife, a Vietnamese girl 27 years younger than him, through a bride brokerage service. It is common practice for older Korean men to travel to Southeast Asia to find brides.

Bride brokerage services are very popular in Korea. After the murder, the Korean authorities are cracking down on this poorly regulated practice. Obviously there are some happy marriages between Korean men and foreign brokered brides, but there are many challenges for them as well.




Re: Foreign Brokered Brides Rethink Korea

If the person in the above picture is going to tie the knot because of her bloody sisters or brothers, she is matched as a matter of her family affairs just like any other royal marriages all over the world.  Then, what relevance does that have, only due to her nationality or race, with the Korean crappy man's murder case of his own wife or mother, where "the Matrix" is considered as one of the best patriarchal films.  Many women die by men or by their own defaults like the lady diana or Marilyn Monroe.  It is not any more of domestic issue; the Modern Marriage System of the universe. 

Re: Foreign Brokered Brides Rethink Korea

my stats may get attacked here again but i think last year about 14% of all marriages were interracial. most are ones like this; not teachers marrying but rather, farmers and so on. just what i read.  scary though that anyone would think marrying here is better than living in the phil or vietnam but i guess it is. good luck to all.

Re: Foreign Brokered Brides Rethink Korea

My argument about this blog lies in the fact that it is a copy of Shay's "... Rethinks..."(NY Times, 8/17/10) as he links out.   Instead of seeing the event from the view-point of South Koreans' the blog writer wants to reconsider this type of marriage phenomena from the point of view of the dead female's.  With or without having counted how many got killed in the history of inter-racial marriage, the article itself is uselessly supported by three NYT articles, all of which equally denominate South Korean men as sex maniac abusers against their potential foreign spouses.  It is evidently a matter of South Koreans versus Vietnameses on behalf of Americans versus Koreans or other nationalities.  It is possibly because of the defeat of the US-Koreans in the Vietnam War or what.

In that, somewhat surprisingly, Shay's work was fairly narrated the Koreans' position under the supervision of Carol Giacomo, the current Times editorial board member of Foreign Affairs.   The other two older articles dealt with Juggernaut Korean jerkers, who travel around the world; why not in Thailand, Russia, China, Taiwan, Japan, or in South America??  I shall make a note on those global activities ignored from the Seoul craigslist.  "Korean m4w"; really funny.

Paul, your statistics will be highly appreciated if the median of married Koreans every year hits higher than that of unmarried or single population.  When only a couple of Koreans get married and one or two out of ten are inter-racially hooked up, that won't prove anything about their potential murder activities.  What if the majority of the whole population do not want any humane love to get married and so on, your stats go toward to the world population.  That records will be awarded as the best sociological research prize of marriage humnism.