[Five] If you don't have the words, say it with a song.

This week, I thought I would introduce you to some of my favourite Korean male vocalists

This article is for all those girls out there who, like me, dream of their prince charming serenading for them...
Who doesn’t like a guy who can sing?

And for all you guys out there, here are some great singers whom you can model after.

*before I introduce singers, I am going to go on a brief tangent and talk about one of the Korean shows I watch*

우리 결혼했어요 - We Got Married

I watch this show called, “We Got Married” (우리 결혼 했어요) which is a reality tv show where stars are paired up and pretend they are married. The couples travel together, cook together, go shopping together, and so on. I love this show because I never get tired of seeing the different places in Korea through the eyes of a "typical Korean".

For instance, a couple of weeks ago Uee and Park Jae Jung travelled to Jeju Do (Jeju Island) for their "honeymoon". I've been to Jeju once or twice, but it was nice seeing it again and seeing what kinds of things you can do on the island-golf courses, the beach, travelling to smaller islands on a boat near Jeju, and going around the island by renting a small scooter.

Uee and Park Jae Jung in "Udo", a small island near "Jeju Do"

If you want to know more about what Korea is all about-the scenary, the people, the food, the shopping, the tourist attractions- I would definitely recommend this show.

Also, if you like any of the stars currently on the show, you'll enjoy getting to know their personality.

The couples currently on the show are:

1. SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Jun (김용준) & former member of “Sugar” Hwang Jung Um (황정음) (who are actually going out in real life)

the couple house shopping on the first couple episodes of the show

2. After School’s Uee & Park Jae Jung (박재정) (these two briefly appeared as a couple in the currently popular historical drama, Queen SeonDeok(선덕여왕)

Park Jae Jung and Uee

My friends who also watch this show tell me they prefer the first season. In the first season, Kim Hyun Joon (김현중) who is part of “SS501” and was “Yoon Ji Hu” in Boys over Flowers-the Korean edition was paired up with Hwang Bo (former member of “Shakira”샤크라). Other couples included Seo In Young (singer) with Crown J (rapper)- who were also known as the “Ant Couple (개미커플)” because Crown J said, “A!” a lot.

one of the shots from Seo In Young and Crown J's "wedding pictures" on the show

My favourite couples were

1. Andy (Shinhwa) & Solbi
one of the pictures from Solbi and Andy's "wedding photos"

another one...

2. Kangin (Super Junior) & Lee Eun Ji
It's Lee Eun Ji. I love her dress here

* back to the main topic…

Anyways! The reason why I introduced this show is because my favourite male vocalist (for the moment) recently appeared in it!
Lee Suk Hoon

singing his heart out...

His name is Lee Suk Hoon (이석훈)-I’ll refer to him as Lee- and he is the new member of the awesome ballad trio called SG Wannabe.

Lee appeared on the show, "We Got Married", because his co-member, Kim Yong Jun (김용준) invited him to come and meet Lee Na Young (이나영). The two hung out together for a day and they were so cute.

Lee Na Young and Lee Suk Hoon meeting for the first time on the train

 I wonder if they might appear as a "regular" couple in We Got Married in the future...

 Anyways, Lee sang 취중진담 which translates to “a serious talk while under the influence of alcohol” (or "Drunken Truth"). That sounds sort of strange when translated...

 Nevertheless, it’s a great song. The lyrics are about a guy who keeps hesitating to propose to a girl. Finally, after drinking, he finds the courage to tell her how he feels. Although he is saying this with the "help" of alcohol, he assures her that he sincerely means what he's saying.

Here’s part of the lyrics:
언제나 니 앞에 서면 준비했었던 말도 왜 난 반대로 말해놓고 돌아서 후회하는지 이젠 고백할게 처음부터 너를 사랑해왔다고 이렇게 널 사랑해 어설픈 나의 말이 촌스럽고 못 미디워도 그냥 한는 말이 아냐 두번 다시 이런 일 없을 거야
Whenever you are infront of me, I forget everything that I want to say and I always regret it. But now, I will tell you openly that I loved you from the first time I met you. Even if I sound cheesy, I am not just saying this. I am never going to feel like this again.

Anyways, Lee sang this song and it was so amazing. I love the tone of his voice! Click here for the link.

Lee singing for Lee Na Young

He sang a variety of popular songs on 대결! 노래가 좋다 in February 2009. It’s a really good compilation of ballad songs. Click here.

Lee singing on the show 대결 노래가 좋다!

I think he’s awesome. :)


Here are other versions of the song “ 취중진담 (Drunken Truth)” by other singers (in no particular order)

Fly to the Sky does a capella version of this song with background voices.

3. Lee Bum Soo (이범수), a Korean actor sang this song during the drama “On Air”


5. Jun Ram Hwe (전람회) (this is a group of two singers, one of them is Kim Dong Ryul)



Which one is your favourite?

My favorite is the one by Lee Suk Hoon and then it's a tie between Fly to the Sky and Kim Dong Ryul. But then again, all of the above singers have very different voices/interpretations of the song, so I like to hear all of them now and then.

I think I focussed too much on the song “Drunken Truth” (취중진담). I could go on and on about music! In fact that is what I'll do. In my next blog entry, I’ll introduce some of my all-time favourite male singers/rappers.

Hope you enjoyed this blog entry ~

Yours truly,