(Ep 75) Covid - 19 And Friends PT. 4

We’ve got another round of Covid-19 and Friends with Chris Tharp, Sam Hazelton, and special guest this week, Steve Feldman. We shoot the breeze about the virus for a few minutes, then we get into some real deep local cuts. We lost a member of our local stand-up community last week, so we talk a while about them and the legacy they left behind. Then we discuss what seems to happen when an expat dies in this community. Then on a hard switch in gears, we talk about expat plonkers and the three types of individuals that hit hard walls after washing up on the shores of Busan. I hope you’re enjoying this series, because for me, it continues to be a blast to make. As always, if you enjoy the show, tell a friend about it, and please leave a review on iTunes or whatever app you listen to podcasts on. I’d really appreciate it!