(Ep 37) Jacky Ng

"Yeah, I guess sex was kinda fun." - Jacky Ng Jacky is a fantastic comedian from Singapore, he's a student in Seoul right now, and he came down to Busan to feature in a comedy show, and join me as a guest on the ol' pod. Jacky answers my questions about all my preconceived notions I had about Singapore, such as chewing gum, being clean and getting caned. Jacky tells with detail the story of him recently losing his virginity. We talk about being cleaned up after by our mothers, the benefits of a porn hub premium account, and there's a lot of masturbation talk. I tell one of the dirtiest stories of my life. Some people won't like it. Hotdog - this is such a great episode. Follow Jacky on his instagram and twitter @jakachuuu If you enjoy the show - please leave a review on iTunes, or just tell a friend. Or tell me and I'll tell my friends.