(Ep 35) Maia P. Sparkles

Maia P. Sparkles is a budding new drag queen up in Seoul, and she is the creation of my friend Nick Holmes’s. 
 Nick and I get very personal, very quickly on this episode. Nick talks about what it was like realizing he was gay, and how that effected his relationship with God and his own family. But it’s not all heavy, friends! We then talk about the development of his queen persona, Maia P. Sparkles. We talk about penis tucking. We shotgun some delicious Galmegi beers, and talk about some of Nick’s thoughts on subjects that came up when I googled “Controversial issues in the drag community” – and Nick goes on to answer, in his opinion, the question: Who is drag for? We have some heavy and ridiculous memories of regret. One, is maybe one of the funniest that I’ve got in the ol’ bottle. Nick gets all heavy with his – and dang it – this is without a doubt one of my favorite episodes so far. Quote me on that. Oh – and look at the timing of this episode – Happy Pride Month, Nothing’s Really Realers. Hi, it’s me. Did you like this episode? Well, thanks. I loved it. I’m working pretty hard on making a good podcast here, and I really appreciate you taking the time to check it out. 
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