(Ep 30) Grace LaFace

Grace LaFace is "one talented bitch", who I was able to catch up with literally the day before she left Busan. She's an artist and we have a great conversation about her art, her life and our feelings. She tells stories of being a defendant on a daytime tv courtroom show, as well as being an extra on various movies and commercials. I tell a story about playing a Russian mafia member in a major Korean movie and how Rob Chrisman's bad acting got our scene cut. Grace also talks about being a store imagery specialist for the flagship Bass Pro shop in Missouri. She also whips out a ukulele, and sings a song she wrote. Then shit gets real! Grace breaks me down into talking about how I'm afraid of confrontation. She's right! WE HAD A BREAKTHROUGH, FOLKS. Also, for you regret horn-dogs, if you like heavy regrets ... this episode's got 'em! If you enjoy the podcast, GREAT! How can you help? Tell someone - I think that would be the best thing. If you have a friend that you think might enjoy the show, suggest it. Another thing that would be great, would be logging into iTunes and leaving a kind review and writing a nice comment about the show. I don't know, you might be too busy.