(Ep 22) What's Up, 2017. (Solo)

This is a solo show to sort of explain where the podcast is at, and what's coming up for the rest of the year (2017). We've got a live show coming up on November 4th, Saturday, at 6PM at HQ Bar in Gwangan. I explain what we'll be doing with that show, and what I hope from the audience in terms of participation. I also talk a little about the year, and reflect on the first year of podcast - then I talk about the future a little bit. At the end of all that - I tell a solo memory of regret. Hey, I'm giving the solo show a shot and - lemme know if this is something you can handle or if it's just awful. Get at me! Thanks for your support over the year, see you at the live show, and see you next year. Tell you friends and hey - review the show on iTunes - give me a hot high five star review. I'd really appreciate it!