(Ep 20) Part Time Cooks

It's a big one. Part Time Cooks, Black Moss and Saul Goode come to the podcast to tell stories, share music, tell jokes, and rap live. Part Time Cooks are a rap duo based out of Seoul, South Korea. They have been together since 2014, and are preparing for the future in a lot of ways. Recently, joining the Vismajor crew, recording new music and celebrating fatherhood - we talk about it all. The boys share a song from the last album, 7:30, and they also share a never before heard, unreleased track, for their hardcore fans that have heard everything. They tell triumphant stories from their lives, and also memories of regret. They also determine through a process of elimination, what Part Time Cook's favorite rap album of all time is. I'm telling you folks, there are moments of this podcast that get really real. And finally, in the end, Part Time Cooks perform a track LIVE on the pod. It's a good one! Check out everything the Part Time Cooks got going on at www.parttimecooks.com And if you enjoy the show, please subscribe on iTunes, and leave a hot 5 star review. I would really appreciate your support.