(Ep 19) John Bocskay w/ Sam Hazelton

Kelvin is joined by John Bocskay, author of the recently released book, Culture Shock: Korea. John talks about writing the book, what culture shock is, and why he is qualified to write about Korean culture to an audience of ex-pats and foreign travelers. Comedian, Sam Hazelton, is also a return guest and friend to the show. He joins to deepen his relationship with the listener and share his jokes and stories. We talk about times we've experienced culture shock, compare American to Korean police, Donald Trump and North Korea, memories of regret and moments of triumph, and John tells the most disgusting story he's ever heard. Sam also plays a game where he has us identify bird names and it proves to be a lot funnier than it sounds, guaranteed to be heard again on the greatest hits compilation. Hey-yo! Nothing's Really Real is a podcast based out of Busan, South Korea, where we talk about art, music, comedy and anything else. If you enjoy the show, please leave a review on iTunes, or tell a friend about it - that would seriously be great.