(Ep 17) Rudy Tyburczy & Adam Palmeter

It's a first! Kelvin is joined by two comedians for his first three-way episode. Rudy Tyburczy and Adam Palmeter are both stand up comics, and old friends of young Kelly Bean's. There are a lot of laughs, as hilarious stories are told. They talk about their best and worst shows, freestyle rap about cats, and talk about where they've been and where they're going. Both share moments of Triumph, and we get memories from both sides of the regretful gauntlet, one brutal and honest and the other ridiculous and embarrassing. It's a really great episode. Enjoy! Adam Palmeter is, as well as a comedian, a visual artist. If you'd like to view his work as you listen to the episode, visit www.adampalmeter.com Most of the music for this show was produced by Rob Chrisman. If you are interested in having Rob produce some music for you, visit his website at www.redwinmusic.com To find out more about what's happing in Busan and all around Korea, visit www.hapskorea.com