Enjoy K-Live Hologram Concert 200 % with ‘K-pop Art Works in K-Gallery ‘

You can see many world-widely famous people as art works.

Did you arrive too early for the K-Live Hologram Concert or you have time to kill after enjoying the concert? There is something that can quench your K-pop thirst in K-Live: K-Gallery!

K-Live Hologram Concert : A must-do thing as a YG fan in Seoul

You can enter the gallery by following the stairs with a glowing sign above  in K-Live Hall .

K-Gallery is a very special and EXCLUSIVE service offered to K-Live visitors. You can watch the exhibition for free if you buy the ticket for the Hologram concert. The gallery, located above the concert hall, is comparatively small to other galleries but contains distinctive items. Unlike our prediction that it would be loud, the gallery was quite dark and yet cozy so we were able to enjoy the art works in a relaxed attitude.

The display of the works seems like following a cartoon style.
How many people can you name without looking at the titles?
They were chosen as the heroes of the Korean waves. Who else do you think could be the hero of the Korean Waves?

The first exhibition held in the K-Gallery is ‘The Super Power of HERO,’ arts works modeling top Korean celebrities who could be regarded as heroes entertaining people from all around the world by the Korean Waves.

Bigbang’s TOP looks hot even as a portrait.
This piece truly captures the characteristics of Lee Ki Gwang.

Artist, Yoonjin Jo, created her works for the exhibition by only using box tapes. 9 Kpop trend setters like Kim Soohyun, G-Dragon, Jang Geunseok are visualized with colorful box tapes in a mosaic style. When we first saw the works, they were so sophisticatedly made that we did not even realize that all the pieces were made of box tapes. After realizing that it was made of box tapes, we wondered how many colors of the box tapes had been used.

This is a chance where you can show your artistic sense.
Instead of pink lips, why don’t you try other colors to make your work more distinctive?

You can even make your own Jang Keunsuk piece with the scissors and colored box tapes prepared in the gallery. It would be wonderful to create an one-of-a-kind piece so easily that nobody could copy.

MERS, go away!

PS. Don’t worry about MERS! The K-Live areas are certified with disinfection.

PS-1.  K-Live is located in Dongdaemun area, the famous shopaholics-loving spot in Korea. So don’t miss the chance of shopping and enjoying additional fun like street food.

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