Day 8- Drive back to Madrid. Fly back to South Korea

Thursday 12th May, 2011/ Friday 13th May, 2011

We prepared our things the night before, so made a good get away at 9am. We paid the final costs of our stay and paid the parking, which was ?100 for the total of 4 nights.

Before we headed out of Barcelona we stopped by a cafe to have a bocadillo con cafe. Finding our way out of Barcelona was tricky. We drove onto the wrong freeway, so we had to drive back to the city center and find where we were on the map, After 20 minutes of mucking around with the map, we got onto La Ave Diagonal and heading in the right direction.

This time we managed to do the drive in 6 hours and we were soon back in Madrid. We spent our last night at El Colossal Hotel in La Calle de Leganitos. We went out for a quick meal and to buy some last minute souvenirs before we headed back to our hotel to pack our bags and get a good nights sleep, because we had a long trip back home.

Friday morning, we left our hotel at 6am and caught a cab to Madrid International Airport. At 10am we caught our flight to Heathrow Airport, London and quickly had to make our way to the gates as we were pushing for time. We made it with no delays and boarded our 12 hour flight to Narita, Japan. We were almost back home in Korea.

I was sad to leave Spain. It had been so good to us and is definately somewhere I want to go back.

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