(Daejeon) Camping at Gyeryong Auto Campground

On one sunny day we decided to go camping with my friend from my university. She came to Korea because we are participating in a summer programme at UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology). Kimchi boy's father fetched us to the camping site, helped us set up the tent and left. He is a really sweet father! The camping site (Gyeryong Auto Campground) is not far from where we live. You can drive your vehicle right into your allocated spot.

Took them an hour to build the tent.
Our tent was much smaller than our neighbour's. Ours is a really old kind of tent which was quite popular in the 90s- early 2000s. Small, but enough to sleep 5.
Maxi's first camping trip with us.
At 3 months old, he is starting to get really playful and naughty.
Typical camping food - Korean ramen (라면). We forgot to bring eggs T.T
After lunch, we went to a nearby stream to play.
Maxi looking at me with hate. HAHA. I kept pushing him into the water because I wanted him to learn swimming. (Water was freezing cold.)
During dinner, his parents joined us. They brought lots of BBQ food like hot dog, meet, prawns, mushrooms etc. Korean families love to barbeque during camping trips.

I really enjoyed this camping trip because it's been a long time since I last went camping. We used to go camping in Taiwan when we were much younger. My mother's side (there are about 13 of us) would take my uncle's 7-seater van to different camping sites. All 13 of us would squeeze into that van. Sometimes uncomfortable, but the whole family was there and that's the most important to me.