A Cure for the Thanksgiving Blues

I will admit it--I had fully prepared to spend my Thursday evening holed up in my apartment with a bowl of instant ramen and a book. However, my lovely co-workers had other ideas for me! As a thank you for doing the English club they took me out to Vietnamese style shabu shabu and then a coffee shop to sit and chat over our drinks.  The oldest member in our group commented half jokingly about how lame we were--no drinking or noraebang! Let's face it, what elementary school teacher wants to go have a wild night knowing they have to deal with small children early in the morning?

Instead of feeling sorry for myself that my more traditional Thanksgiving plans had fallen through, I even had a good time. It was really sweet of the teachers to take me out and everyone even made an effort to speak mostly in English for the evening. After all, it was an English club gathering. Even though they didn't realize that the night they picked was Thanksgiving, it still meant a lot to me to be with people who I cared about for the holiday.

My family is still forbidden from speaking about the details of their amazing meal today until after I arrive in the States. Details about the exquisite gourmet food when I am denied access is just cruel.

I have three more teaching days left. I don't want to say goodbye to my students!!!!!!!!!! I will really miss them.