The Chaebol: The 1997 IMF Financial Crisis and the Neoliberal Era (The Korea File)


Corporate stereotyping, the cult power of Chaebol leadership and the structural differences before and after the 1997 IMF financial crisis. This is part three of a conversation with Michael Prentice, a PhD Candidate in the University of Michigan’s Department of Anthropology, on South Korea's hugely influential Chaebol. 

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Prentice interned for a year at a Seoul-area company, conducting semi-covert academic research on the country's unique corporate culture. On this episode, he discusses Korean corporate security protocol and the complex relationship between Chaebol development and the narrative structure of Korean history. He also explains how he obtained his position as an undercover anthropologist. 

Music on this episode is 1972's '안개속의 여인' with Ji-Hyun on vocals and the legendary Shin Jung-hyun on guitar.

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