Breath in the water: Sea walking experience in Jeju

Sea walking is a sport that literally allows you to walk on the sea bed without any special skills. With a helmet connected with a hose that provides oxygen sufficiently, participants can walk under the sea, holding a rope to maintain the balance in the sea. Usually, the helmet prevents the face and hairs from getting wet, while giving a clear view of the ocean filled with marine wonders through glasses attached on the helmet.

One of our Trazy users, Leena W, went sea walking in Jeju Island. Let’s follow her story of becoming a little mermaid by sea walking.


Friday June 19th, I got a chance to do Sea Walking at Jeju Ocean Park in Jeju. It would be a bit hard to find the place if you are going there by yourself, but I took a taxi, so it was okay. After I arrived at the place, a staff gave a form to me to fill in my name, email and address. Among all, the email is the most important thing as the staff will send pictures of you doing sea walking to that email afterwards. When the registration process was done, the staff took me to a diving space by a shuttle bus.


You could see bathrooms and a tent near the diving space. Inside the tent, you would find a sitting corner, a hair drying corner and a diving suit corner. Here, the staff would give you the shoes and diving suit that fit your body size. 11656049_1072395689457290_1863686954_o 11660228_1072395662790626_889186335_o 11663867_1072395466123979_1826543886_o 11665871_1072395469457312_1583676792_o After receiving the diving suit, you could go and get changed at the restrooms nearby. The restrooms were separated for male and female. Inside, they provide a locker for storing clothes and personal stuffs and showering sites, as shown in the pictures. 11655977_1072395406123985_2001551611_o 11705606_1072395472790645_2039613639_o After I got dressed and came outside, the staff explained the important rules before starting the Sea Walking Journey. Basically, you need to understand important hand signs like danger, stop, okay, ready, etc. The good thing about this sea walking is that I did not have to take off my glasses and my hair did not even get wet. Thanks to the helmet, even though it was heavy, I was able to see the sea clearly. All I had to do was to hold the rope which allowed me to walk along the track and enjoy the scenery. The water was warm since it was summer. 11701465_1072394816124044_631962979_o 11701511_1072394976124028_1517091581_o The thing I was impressed the most was the staff. They were so nice, especially the one who took care of me in the water. He showed me how to make water bubbles while walking along the path. 11660436_1072395682790624_1631364281_o 11664895_1072395686123957_1241805616_o 11663898_1072395676123958_1769549050_o button
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