Blood G in Jongno

Saturday night, I went to Blood G in Jongno with a friend. We had read about it on Discovering Korea's Seoul’s 12 Best Gay Bars in Jongno. I have to say I was a bit disappointed.

We both ordered the 5000 won Dry Finish and were happy that we didn't need to order side dishes. Instead, we were served some complimentary fruit. There was only one other person in the bar, so not really the busy crowd we were expecting. We chatted with with each other and the handsome bartender for a while, but the crowd didn't get much bigger. The (blood?) red interior of the bar was nice, but nothing to give it an edge over other bars in the area. 

We arrived at Blood G around 9:30 on Saturday, so perhaps we were a bit too early. After about an hour, we left to check out some other bars in the area. I'll give Blood G another try before I write it off completely, but I wasn't super impressed.

To get to Blood G, go out exit 5 of Jongno 3 Ga (종로3가). Walk straight and Blood G will be in a building on your right. Look up for the sign.