To Blog or Not to Blog? TO BLOG!

I've been debating for the past month whether or not to keep blogging. The thing is, I like writing even if no one is reading it. I have a shelf full of journals to attest to that fact. So I will keep blogging. Once I'm employed I will buy a domain name and change this blog to Alex's Adventures.

To catch up, in the past month I:
-Went on a road trip from New York to Virginia to North Carolina to Florida to Texas.
-GOT ENGAGED to Salsa Boy!
-Moved to Austin (with Salsa Boy)
-Applied for jobs
-Went to my very first theme park (Disney Land and then HARRY POTTER WORLD!!)
-Struggled not to hurt myself accidentally

The last one is extremely important because for a spaz to be without health insurance is just asking for trouble. I'm terrified that I'm going to trip going up the stairs of my walk up apartment and crack my skull open. I finally broke down and am looking for insurance to tide me over until I have a job with benefits. My Dad is the sweetest person in the whole wide world and is helping me out with that.

Back to the oh so exciting work of writing cover letters. I hate cover letters with a fiery passion. I understand their importance--I just hate writing them. Writing them makes me feel like my brain is being flogged with a whip soaked in hot peppers.