Annoying Things About Korea #3: No Eating Potato Chips on the Street

Drinking Soju, Vomiting and Fist-Fighting on the Street are Fine, but...

If the Seoul Gyopo Guide listed Annoying Things About Korea in proper order, this might be #1.  If you are in Seoul (and other cities) in Korea, then you will easily find people drinking soju while sitting on steps of stores, or company employees vomiting after eating and drinking.  On many street corners, you can find people eating fried food which has been prepared in oil that has been sitting for hours (if not longer).

However, you will not find Koreans eating food and simultaneously walking on the street.  In fact, if you would like to definitely reveal yourself as a foreigner, eat a candy bar while walking to the subway stop.  If you are not of Korean descent, then people already know that you are not from Korea.  If you are of Korean descent and you eat a bag of potato chips while walking, then everyone on the street will identify you as a Gyopo, and in some cases, look at you as if you are from Mars.

Given that Seoul is a city of 15 million people, and that people, especially students (hilarious clip), are racing to and fro to survive, isn't this habit just a wee-bit old-fashioned?