Alone – A Movie in the Making


Alone Poster Matt Root

I am so excited for this upcoming project, I feel really blessed to be a part of. A foreign teacher here in Daegu is also a filmmaker. Matt Root teamed up with Shalisha Bynoe (who always films our Daegu Theatre Troupe and Musical Revue shows) and created a script that they hope will come into fruition some time this year.

I got to shoot for a few hours with them, and wow I cannot express how different it was to theater. A lot of it is technical and our acting is based on making sure the technology captures it perfectly. Whereas in theater, I am not thinking too much over the tech we worked and ironed out earlier in the week before the show’s opening (trusting things will go well but ready to improve if need be), my acting in film has to be repeated, and I’m not sure which take will be used or which way I said some lines was better.

I won’t forget the day…bitter cold for a late December day. Downtown seemed empty on a Sunday early afternoon. We waited outside for a while waiting for the bar to open up for us. Shalisha and I got into an awesome conversation that helped me a lot – talking about the future and what I needed to do. She said I couldn’t go and do something like grad school even though I saw all my friends go. She told me I should continue in all of this – the acting. And it has never been something I’ve taken myself seriously in until this movie. I had to make an acting resume for goodness sakes! hahaha. I think we all get scared of what the future holds, but some have more courage or faith to believe that they continue doing what they love. Shalisha is right. I just need to buckle down and focus. Whether I focus on writing a book, blogging, my art…I need to believe that I can do something with all of this

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