11 Free Public Bike Rental Spots in Busan

From: http://english.busan.go.kr/07community/02_01.jsp?nSelected=&command=view&sn=1880&page=0&nowBlock=0


Free public rental bikes are available throughout the City of Busan. A bike repair service is also provided. 


The bike rental shops are located in the Nakdong River Ecological Park―Samnak Riverside Park (150 bikes), Hwamyeong Ecological Park (160 bikes), Maekdo Ecological Park (100 bikes), Daejeo Ecological Park (100 bikes), Dongnae-gu (50 bikes), Millak-dong in Suyeong-gu (100 bikes), Eulsukdo in Saha-gu (138 bikes), Sasang Light Rail Station (120 bikes), Oncheoncheon in Yeonje-gu (59 bikes), Geumjeong-gu (68 bikes), and Suyeong riverside in Haeundae-gu (50 bikes).  


To rent a bike, you need to present your identification and contact number. You can rent a bike for one or two hours.  


More detailed information including open hours and locations is available athttp://english.busan.go.kr/04transportation/10_03.jsp .


Bike mechanics are also stationed at the shops for free bike repairs: changing chains, brake cables, bike tires or tubes. There is a charge for parts. 


For more information, please contact the Transportation Policy Division at (051) 888-3341.