10 Reasons I’m Over Vietnam

  1. Noise
    1. Like clockwork at 7AM the city wakes up with a roar. This past week, some people have been drilling loudly in the room above me for some reason. Also a neighbor got a new puppy and it shrieks non-stop from dawn till dusk.
  2. Vicious Traffic
    1. I suppose part of the growing pains for being a developing country is an increased amount of motorbikes and trucks on the road. But Vietnam really needs to make some traffic laws to keep up with this growth. Drivers feel entitled to pass too close to you at breakneck speed, and every truck or car is equipped with a horn so loud it will make your ears bleed.
  3. Bugs
    1. Ants will appear moments after a single crumb drops to the floor. Also, giant, black oriental cockroaches are common and horrifying.
  4. Weather
    1. Alternates between sweltering heat and torrential downpour.
  5. White Tax
    1. Locals constantly are trying to get me to pay more than I should for things. Also, someone from my hotel definitely stole my eyelash curler.
  6. General Unsanitary Conditions
    1. To be expected in a developing, tropical country. Not my preference for a living environment.
  7. The Education System
    1. People are just out for a degree, and they don’t value things like literature and critical thinking. Locals also don’t know very much about other cultures, and consequently are very culturally insensitive and sexist.
  8. Business Culture
    1. I’m told literally one minute before I walk into the classroom that my class is cancelled. TAs leave notes at the front desk for me to be at work in one hour. My boss refuses to speak to me and seems afraid to look me in the eye. Over it, over it, over it.
  9. Middle-Aged White Expat Men
    1. Here for the easy women, obviously running away from something, arrogant, squirrely.
  10. Limited Food Choices
    1. Basically rice and spring rolls and noodles.