10 Magazine’s Blog of the Month


If you are in Korea, pick up a copy of this month’s 10 Magazine!

Not only is this a great resource for activities, eateries, and lifestyle tips for Korea (including the odd contribution by myself), you will find that if you turn to page seven right next to the big citibank credit card advertisement you will find the regular ‘Blog Of The Month Slot’. Why am I mentioning this? Well it’s because it’s my blog that’s featured this month.

Page 7, 10 Magazine, June 2012 issue.

This is an honour that I can share with Korean staples such as The Three Wise MonkeysOn Becoming a Good Korean (Feminist) WifeIndiefulROK, and there might be others. Oh yes, of course I should forget the guy who wrote the article is also featured in Blog of Month, Rob Ouw…O… Roboseyo!!! That name is pronouced Rob-os-say-yo… I think, and unfortunately not Robo-sayo, which would be cool because that mean he was a robotic – perhaps my imagination is wandering here.

It’s all a bit mad because I was musing a while back that it would be nice to be included here, and then thought it’s not going to happen as there are surely more important sayers of things Korea out there. Well, apparently I am one of those important sayers now. So, I’ll have to keep up the good work here I suppose.

Just a few comments about blogging in general to kind of make myself sound all humble and stuff, because if I don’t someone else will end up taking me down a level.

Getting this nomination/award/recognition is great motivation for me as I have been working hard on this blog for the past two years, and with it I have gradually learned more about myself as a writer and a person who lives in Korea. I don’t consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination, and I don’t even consider myself what is often described as a K-blogger – this blog is and always has been a way for me to practice writing, which is what I do, but maybe because I’m in Korea much of what I practice on is Korea related. That being said, I know that many of you, my regular and irregular readers, read this blog for the same reasons which are, bascially, that you like what I read and most of this tends to be about Korea…
I have said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s the hit count and the comments that keep calling me back keeping me writing and without them I don’t think I’d be doing this as zealously as I do. You can take this Blog of the Month accolade as a recommendation in support of your good taste. So pin it on your wall and pump-your-chest because you deserve this as much as I do! *sniff*

Now that I have all that humble thanks out of the way, allow me to express how I also feel. For all the people out there that consider the sunshine press and the contents of their magazines irrelevant to the real world, and all the people who may consider blogging (but especially me) as irrelevant, this one is for you!

We Who Are About To Die posted this the other day and I pissed myself laughing and found it appropriate for this situation.

One final comment, and I know I’m sounding pretty rich after a simple reference in an expat-community magazine, but this goes to anyone who writes, draws, makes music, video, or anything else you can place under the broad banner labeled creativity. If you work hard and focus on what you are doing and take the time to know what quality work is so that you can create it yourself, and if you put what you learn to good use success will come your way, but it takes time.

(Disclaimer: no one is a bigger cynic about the English media/sunshine press than I, but sitting around complaining about it doesn’t get you very far. To be the best you have to beat the best etc.)