♥ Cute Korea: La Vie En Rose Cafe, Seomyeon

Somehow Seomyeon's cafe street has gone unknown to me for a year and a half of living in Korea, and it's only when someone recommended going to La Vie En Rose that I discovered it. That was partially a mistake because I got confused with the directions, but there were so many cafe bars up there that look amazing. I will have to explore more.

La Vie En Rose had been to me as a Princess Cafe. I expected everything to be pink, that I'd be handed a crown as soon as I walked in and that all of the chairs might be shaped like thrones, but that was far from the reality. The reality was that it's more of a princess garden, the walls are painted a subtle green, the floor's got dark tiles and there is a huge pond smack bang in the middle of the cafe. You can imagine Aurora walking through it and singing with a trail of birds flying behind her. Even better, it reminded me of my Grandma's back garden which was a magical place to get lost in on sunny afternoons when I was little.

My favorite thing about the cafe was the vast array of chairs in the place. I almost felt like Paul Rudd in Knocked Up when they go on their trip to Vegas and he has all of the different chairs in the hotel room lined up. We settled for a bit of a retro arm chair right next to the window so we could watch the world go by as we drank and listened to the water.

Drinks were the same price as every other cafe in Korea, but were particularly delicious. It was a good place to catch a bit of peace from the thumping centre of Seomyeon.

La Vie En Rose Cafe

La Vie En Rose Cafe Water Feature

La Vie En Rose Cafe

La Vie En Rose Cafe Delicious Caramel Frappe

La Vie En Rose Cafe Chairs

Caramel Frappe

La Vie En Rose Cafe Chair

La Vie En Rose Cafe cute corner

La Vie En Rose Cafe Door Handles

How to get there:

Leave Seomyeon metro at exit two. Turn left into the thick of Seomyeon and find Daiso. Walk to the very end of the road where Daiso is, away from TGI Friday's. Once you meet the next main road, cross over and there is a big sign saying Seomyeon Cafe Street. La Vie En Rose is on the road parallell to that, so turn right and walk for one block, Tom and Toms should be on the corner. At Tom and Toms turn left and the cafe is about 100 metres up that street on your left.

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