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Korean crafts
I love the DIY craft sets that I see in lots of Korean shops. I couldn't resist this when I saw it hanging on the shelf of one of our local tat shops. Tash and I call them tat shops as they're packed to the brim with stuff that you don't really need, but as soon as you see it, you find yourself searching for an excuse to buy it. Usually they sell cheap stationary, bags, jewellery, sweets and knick knacks. Hours of my life have disappeared while I look around these shops and drool over everything. I'm surprised that I haven't been bankrupted by these shops yet!

So anyway, when I saw the DIY phone dangles that were coupling winged-poops, I couldn't resist, I'd saved it for months and eventually last week when I had a bit of time, I decided to make it.

The pack came with felt, beads, stuffing, thread, needles, ribbon and something to hang them with. Unfortunately the instructions were all in Korean, but it was still pretty easy to make by just referring to the pictures.

I was pretty happy with the end results, and can't wait to give Nick his new gift, and see him display it with pride...or not!
Korean crafts
Korean crafts

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