♥ Cute Korea: Cake Decorating Cafe

I'd read about I Make Cake Cafe on Busan Awesome. As soon as I saw it I decided to take Nick for his birthday. The directions on the original article are perfect so we found it really quickly.

We walked in a little apprehensively, especially as I'd made Nick close his eyes and had dragged him up three flights of stairs. The walls were covered in pictures of amazingly decorated cakes, which made me think that it must be pretty easy. How wrong could I be?! It was Nick's birthday so I decided not to really have much input and see what his creative juices would produce.

Once you're sat down, you're given a menu of lots of blank cakes. There were mousse cakes, tiramasu, sweet potato cakes, we decided to go for a cream cheese cake as this was most like a sponge. After that, you have to pick the flavor of icing and the shape of the decorative icing. The final choice was if we wanted a message on top of the cake, and what colour powder to use. Nick decided to go for chocolate icing and purple powder. Interesting combination!

While the guy prepared our cake, the girl gave us a whirlwind masterclass in how to use the icing pipe. Then the cake was brought over and left to our mercy!

There were hundreds of different toppings for the cake, ranging from fresh fruit, to delicately crafted leaves and petals made of icing. The first thing Nick picked was a face of a boy and a girl, followed by a brown and purple rose made of icing and some strawberries.

We went back to the table, and started sticking the roses into the cake. The man ran over instantly, as if we were savaging the cake, and told us that we should use the chocolate icing to stick things on top of the cake, rather than just shove them into the sponge. Oooops!

Feeling a little more creative after this we went and got some hundreds and thousands and lots of chocolate sticks and shapes. Nick said by the end he felt like he'd over done it a little bit, but condoled himself by squirting the rest of the chocolate icing directly into his mouth from the pipe. Something which apparently had been a life long dream of his.

He definitely looks like he's living the dream more this birthday than last birthday! Yet I doubt that Martha Stewart will be in touch with either of us.

The cake came to ₩28,000 in total, including the cake and all of the decorations on top. That's about £17, definitely worth it for a massive birthday cake and an evening of laughs! On the way home I got into trouble as Nick was swinging the carry box around I would say 'Be careful with my cake!' and then he had to remind me whose cake it was...Ooops.

Browsing the cake toppings
So Many Toppings
Icing Masterclass
Cake Photos
The ingrediants that we're going to add
Cake Decorating
Cake Decorating
The finished Product
Our Finished Cake
Cake Carrier
Birthday Hat and cake

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