…”And it’s good for health.”

Korean girl: “Do you like to eat raw fish?”

Me: “Sure, I eat sushi all the time.”

I was mistaken…

Fish market time!  Select the most delicious looking fish swimming in the knee-high tank and appreciate your day job as the ajumma yanks it out of the water and chops its head clean off in one swift motion.  Next, she’s over to the cutting board to slice it in down the middle as we cringe at the two headless sides wiggling around on the table.

The murder scene:

The 2.5 footer that grazed the tank splashing water on my sandals only moments ago is now handed over the counter in a white styrofoam doggy-bag in exchange for ₩30,000.

Now, time to find a place to sit by the ocean to enjoy our dinner and a show of random singing karaoke man with facepaint.