“Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world.”

I met Larry my first year of university. It was pretty memorable night. I was working  for the school’s tv show, and Larry and I were sent to interview a band that was a little too old to be touring the university campus circuit under the pretext of “new music night”. The band was enjoying a small amount of success, and it had gone to their heads. Larry managed to kill that pretty quickly. Instead of entering the interview knowing about as much as you could gather from a quick scan of google, Larry decided to just walk in and ask them instead.
“ What’s the name of your band again?”
“ Can’t you just sing me a little bit of your song? 
I might know who you are if I hear the song.”
It was awkward.
Hilariously awkward.
Thankfully, he hasn’t changed much.
Larry is also one of the main reasons I picked Busan. He was already in Korea teaching English and assured me it barely ever snowed there. Oh Korea, have I mentioned how much I miss you lately?
Ah ... but back to Larry.
Larry had a birthday.
We celebrated.

Ever wonder how many gummy bears you can fit in your mouth?
Larry can do about 50.
Then we all headed over to Koreatown for a little singing.

Just like old times we brought our own booze ...

... and just like old times we got yelled at.
It was fun.