“Baby” in Korean – Use this word in different ways

Today, we’ll be learning how to say “baby” in Korean. Previously, we already covered the topic of Korean family terms. Although “baby” wasn’t one of them, of course, babies are born into families every single day. So shouldn’t we all know how to say it in Korean?

Two babies facing each other while playing with toys

Alternatively, “baby” is also a common term of endearment and even a way to describe someone. Many boyfriends and girlfriends like to call each other baby. Or someone might act cutesy or childish, just like a baby.

Therefore, there are a few reasons why you might want to learn the Korean word for “baby.” And today, we shall finally learn it together!

Different ways to use the word “baby” in Korean

Now, as we already glossed over, there are numerous different Korean words to say this noun. It all depends on context!

Official translation for “baby” in Korean

The first word for “baby” is 아기 (agi). This is also considered the official word for baby. Thus, it may be one that’ll be first to pop up when you search for “baby” in dictionaries, for example. It is also applicable to use in many cases. You can use it whenever you are talking about infants, including baby animals. However, it is not a term of endearment.

Informal way to say “baby” in Korean

The second word for “baby” is 애기 (aegi). This is a cutesy way of saying 아기 (agi) and is also considered to be rather informal. It can be used when referring to infants – including baby animals – when you want to be cute.

However, this can also be used as a term for endearment with your loved ones. In that case, its meaning may also be “sweetheart” rather than “baby.”

Cute way to say “baby” in Korean

The third word for baby is 아가 (aga). This is another one that is commonly used, although it is not the official term, so you might have heard this used in K-dramas. It is also used in a more affectionate way and to refer to the infant in an adorable way, although it’s not quite as cutesy as 애기 (aegi). If you have a child or children, this is what you can call them.

It can also be used with people, such as daughters-in-law, to show affection. If it’s someone close to you in age, you may prefer to use the word 애기 (aegi) instead when you wish to show affection.

“Baby” in Korean as an endearment

The fourth word for “baby” is 베이비 (beibi). With how it is pronounced (be-i-bi), it’s definitely easy to remember. This is the Konglish way to say “baby” in the Korean language. You can use this to refer to babies, as well as a term of endearment.

However, a more popular word of endearment for “baby” in Korean that you might hear is 자기 (jagi).

Other words related to “baby” in Korean

Below is a list of words related to the topic “baby,” which you may find useful to learn.

Baby animal새끼 (saekki)
Baby food유아식 (yuasik)
Baby-sitter베이비 시터 (beibi siteo)
Bedtime취침 시간 (chwichim sigan)
Buggy, pram유모차 (yumocha)
Cradlesong, lullaby자장가 (jajangga)
Crib아기 침대 (agi chimdae)
Diaper, nappy기저귀 (gijeogwi)
Dummy고무 젖꼭지 (gomu jeotkkokji)
Infant유아 (yua)
Powdered milk formula분유 (bunyu)

Sample sentences

Finally, here are some sentence examples to get you started with using this new vocabulary with their translation in English.

와, 정말 귀여운 아기네요! (wa, jeongmal gwiyeoun agineyo!)

Wow, what a cute baby!

정말 귀여워, 마치 아기 같아. (neon jeongmal gwiyeowo, machi agi gata.)

You’re so cute, just like a baby.

Sample dialogue

A: 우리가 아기를 위해 무엇을 사야 해? (uriga agireul wihae mueoseul saya hae?)

What do we need to buy for a baby?

B: 음… 우선 유모차, 아기 침대, 그리고 고무 젖꼭지 몇 개 사야 해. 그리고 물론 기저귀도 사야 하지! (eum… useon yumocha, agi chimdae, geurigo gomu jeotkkokji myeot gae saya hae. geurigo mullon gijeogwido saya haji!)

Hm… We need to buy a pram, a crib, and some dummies, to start with. And, of course, we need to buy diapers, too!

Wrap Up

Regardless of the languages you speak, whether it’s Japanese, German, English, etc., learning Korean words such as “baby” is quite easy! We hope that with this lesson, you’re ready to talk about baby-related matters and use cutesy terms on a loved one and get a few ideas about Korean culture too.

How about learning some more terms of endearment next? Then go check out our article on Korean terms of endearment and impress your Korean friends!

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