‘Dong Shim’ translates into ‘Poo Needle.’ The kids put their...

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‘Dong Shim’ translates into ‘Poo Needle.’ The kids put their two hands together and smack two fingers up your butt. (Gotta love how nonchalant I am about this!) I have been the victim of this more than I’d like to admit. The Littles enjoying ‘dong shim’-ing every part of me —my back, ear, chest, legs, and anything else within range. One little girl in particular loves flipping the back of my skirt up and telling the rest of the kids the color of my underwear. I find this behavior hilarious and confusing at the same time. This is where I am supposed to say that it is horrifying and unacceptable, right? Well… kids will be kids, right?


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Re: ‘Dong Shim’ translates into ‘Poo Needle.’ The kids put ...

I absolutely hate it. It's the only thing that makes me really mad.

Although I'm a guest here, my body is my body. The anger I feel is more of a reflex (most people would freak out if someone surprised them with fingers up the butt), since I know they are just kids.

They don't do it to the Korean teachers. If I am walking down the hallway and there are a lot of young students I have to be careful passing through. I've asked the Korean teachers to explain that I am in fact a real person, not a cartoon character, and I like my personal space. 

Luckily, the dong shims have died down significantly (although I did get one the other day, perhaps I'm just more ready for it). They can pet my arm hair all they want.