It looks like he's going to lick his ear. I think I know their secret.

I'm sure these guys would

I'm sure these guys would really appreciate this photo being up here unbeknownst to them and the comments to go with it, same as so called 'soju man'.  

Tactless, really. 

 thanks for your concern mr

 thanks for your concern mr lee bum suck... you sure do make a life of this website... 

anyway they are my friends. but again thanks for your concern and spending your time making sure everyone is safe...

night night


 Yet another fine comment from Lee-bum-suk. Filled with assumptions and offering little to maintain the positive atmosphere of this website.  To Matthew Jones. I think this is a wonder photograph. I really like how the background is blown out. However, it came out a bit blurry. I cant decide if that helps or hurts the photograph. What do you guys think? (excluding lee-bum-suk of course) 

Leave it alone bro

[insulting portion deleted by mod]
Leave it alone bro, you are ripping me for having an opinion on a photo.


 lee you are "tactless...

 lee you are "tactless... really bro"trying to be an internet bully

jake thanks for actually having an opinion... yeah its a bit fuzzy... i took them with an old 1940s camera i got at an antique store in busan so sometimes the results are interesting.

 Lee-bum-suk your "opinions"

 Lee-bum-suk your "opinions" have little to do with the actual photo "bro". You have serious issues. Matthew Jones: Do you develope these photos yourself?

the moment is fun

the moment is fun --indecipherable. could go either way on whatever is to be presumed. i kinda saw it as "hey, look at that chick." or "I'm hungry, and there is something crawling out of your ear."

regardless, it is a great capture.