However you get around town, who are the worst drivers on the road?

26% (90 votes)
Hagwon Minibuses
7% (23 votes)
Small Cars (Matiz, Morning etc)
5% (19 votes)
Big Black Expensive Cars (Equus, Chairman, SM7 etc)
8% (27 votes)
14% (50 votes)
Expensive Import Cars
3% (9 votes)
Scooter Delivery Men
31% (110 votes)
6% (22 votes)
Total votes: 350

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Re: However you get around town. Who are the worst drivers ...

i drive here so i can say you forgot this category and by far the worst-ajjumas driving anything.  they are so slow, indecisive and just dont get simple things like how to merge.  they really are the worst. taxis and big cars are great because they get out of the way as tehy usually dont follow the laws. they park where ever which is really annoying but that does not mke them bad drivers. buses are up there to because they use thir size and just push into lanes. so you either stop, get out of the way or get hit.

Re: However you get around town. Who are the worst drivers ...

The 'remingkons'? I think koreans call them. The big dump trucks, they drive anywhere any road no matter how small, half of their load ends up on the road and the other ends up on the hood of your car.

I had a rock fly off one and land on my Audi. I honked and blinked my lights until he finally pulled over. Long story short, the company paid for the blemish to be fixed; that was 1.1 million.

These are by far the worst on the road.

Re: However you get around town. Who are the worst drivers ...

@Paul. I actually made the survey and agree with you. I actually thought about putting it as an option, but didn't want to be accused of sexism.

Whether they are in a Matiz and don't know how to accelerate or in an Equus and have no idea how big it is, they are awful awful drivers. But, I figure it's got to be a cultural thing rather than an ability thing. 

A friend of mine was in my car one day looking a bit concerned about how fast I was driving. I assured her that I, and in fact no one in my family, had never had an accident in over 20 years of driving. She then preceded to tell me that she had been learning to drive for less than 2 months and already had had two prangs. She then went on to say that her mother had had 'sooo many accidents', but added in a matter of fact way 'But it's ok. Nobody died'...


Re: However you get around town. Who are the worst drivers ...

Agree on "Ajummahs driving anything." as worst. My guess is that generally they dont begin driving until later in life (many students have told me their mom's just passed their driving tests) and dont have the common sense that comes from being a part of driving culture.  Whatever the reason, 90% of the time that somebody does something reckless or stupid, the driver has a perm and is wearing gloves. 

There is an argument for each category and I could see any of them winning, great question...

Re: However you get around town. Who are the worst drivers ...

You guys nailed it-people here just do not know how to drive or get it because they are all new drivers. We all grew up watching our parents drive. Here, people are still just learning-and I mean older people. They just do not have the common sense.  It will come though but sadly, after I am long gone. 

And Tharpe,it does drive me crazy.  I have gotten out of my car so many times ready to kill it would make me rich if I had a nickel every time that has happened. I almost got side swiped of Gwangan bridge yesterday as well by a big truck but it was okay because he put on his hazards to say sorry.  You get angry because someone is blocking the road but they have their hazards on so you jsut have to nod and say okay. Great rule.  Hazards cure all, ironically.


Re: However you get around town. Who are the worst drivers ...

Ajumas Driving Anything

Unbelievable creatures they are.  Honestly and completely dangerous wherever they may be.  They wander in circles and randomly stop just walking down the street, I have nearly steamrolled so many of them as they just blindly stop or turn into me, then they yell at me.  Sorry my telepathy was off grandma, didnt knwo you would blindly run into me.  Even better is when they are amazed that their little 4 foot ass cant push me out of the way in the line at E-Mart.

When they hit the road, damage if not death will surely ensue.  How did this class of being even come into existance-

I really feel ajumas are the only reason I wont be staying in Korea much longer.  I cant even call them human anymore because they missed out on the training that most humans get.

I have never seen such self involved and uncaring members in any scociety.  Even in 3rd world contries where there is little respect for human life there is some kind of order to the actions of people.

I cant count how many times me or my girlfreind have been acosted by these little srivled monsters.  We even got swore at for not buying a hat after we simply asked the price.  Apperently your not allowed to shop, she tells us when to buy.  I'll litterally go down a different road if I see the perm and driving gloves just to get away from teh deathtrap.

On a side note:  If you look at any nation that has truly come out of its 3rd world status you will see people respecting (to a degree) traffic laws. 

Re: However you get around town. Who are the worst drivers ...

The Korean people in general do not belong behind the wheel of a car.  

If you think about it, 20 years ago, cars were only for the very wealthy - in Korea.  Therefore, the older generation who is now driving, are still relatively new drivers.  Not only are they "new" drivers, but there was no one to teach them how to drive!  


Re: However you get around town, who are the worst drivers ...

Can remember when asking a Korean friend why so many cars just pull out and change lanes without checking (sideswipe) or seem to straddle lanes and weave all over the place - and without a smile he said 'the women here have the rear view mirror positioned so they can check their face and apply make up as they drive'

Oh how I laughed. Until curiosity got the better of me and I looked across at cars at traffic lights or after a near see women applying make up, rear view mirror adjusted so it was giving them a view of their faces, not the road behind......