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Hello, I’m Michael G. Gallagher, and I’d like to offer you my services as an English language consultant.
As everybody in Korea knows, English is one of the main international languages. So, it automatically follows that a workable knowledge of English could greatly improve a person’s chances for success in life. This is especially true if a person wishes to work for a western company or any other type of organization here in Korea or overseas.  And apart from having good English conversation skills, the ability to create and deliver powerful presentations, succeed at job interviews, and writing a good resume and cover letter in English, are all essential for any professional person hoping advance themselves in today’s international world.
Here’s how I can help you if you decide to use my services.
* During a first interview, we will meet and I will evaluate your needs.
* After that interview, we will both together lay out a possible course of study for you. This
   can include the following:
a. Writing resumes and cover letters that will help you get a job interview.
b. I will coach you on how to have a successful job interview. This will include one 
or more practice job interviews with me acting as your possible future employer.
After the practice interview we will get together and discuss how you can improve your performance.
c. Creating and organizing powerful presentations, whether it’s for school, work, or a conference. Great emphasis will be placed on writing and delivering a successful speech. This will include coaching on organization, posture, gestures, and voice projection. As with the practice job interviews, after your practice presentation we will talk about what changes, if any, are needed to improve your performance.
My qualifications
My original field of study was not ESL. I have MA and Ph.D. degrees in International Studies from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, USA. Before coming to Korea, I taught ESL in mainland China and politics in Hong Kong. Here in Korea I have 17 ½ years teaching experience at the university level. A good part of that experience involved teaching students how to create effective presentations, how to prepare resumes and cover letters, and how to have a successful job interview. Apart from my university teaching career, I have also taught at hagwons, where my students often included business executives and other professional people. Considering this extensive teaching background, I believe that I can offer anybody that employs my services a serious chance of achieving their professional goals.
Rates: To be discussed after our first meeting.
Contact information:  phone # 010-2848-7685, e-mail [email protected], Kakao Talk. Corona-19: For now, at least, all instruction will be online using Zoom, Skype, or Webex.